Introduction Novioscan

Introduction Novioscan

Founded in 2014, Novioscan B.V. located in Nijmegen the Netherlands, now part of Essity Hygiene and Health AB, develops smart, wearable ultrasound solutions for the healthcare market.  An ambition that arose from the clinical demand for a solution for children who do not feel when they need to urinate.

The first Novioscan product is the SENS-U® which was launched in 2018. The SENS-U® is a small, wearable bladder monitor for children aged 6 to 16. The SENS-U tracks the bladder filling during day and night and discreetly alerts the user or caregiver when the bladder becomes full, helping to prevent potentially unwanted urinary leakage. Also, a voiding diary can be produced from the data gathered over time. An ultrasound-based wearable device for use by adults with bladder-related problems is in development.

People make the difference at Novioscan; we have a small, passionate team with different backgrounds and experiences, headquartered in Nijmegen on the Novio Tech Campus. We are always interested in talented professionals in the fields of healthcare, engineering, software development, marketing and sales. Are you interested too? Send us an e-mail or take a look at the current vacancies;


Job description: Ultrasound Expert

An Ultrasound Expert at Novioscan designs, models, makes, characterizes, and validates ultrasound transducers for wearable applications to required specifications, focusing on safety and performance, reliability, economy, quality and sustainability.

You will be involved in projects from the concept and detail of the design through to implementation in short loops and in fully functional transducers, testing and handover to production. Besides having the required technical knowledge, you need to be able to manage your part of the project.

Primary responsibilities are:

  • Designing ultrasound transducers for special applications (material selection, acoustic components, …) in close interaction with the existing team.
  • Provide technical documentation in the ultrasound field, as requested for FDA- and CE markings/approvals.
  • Modeling and optionally simulations of ultrasound behaviour.
  • Test, measurement and debugging of transducer performance, in short-loop experiments, in interaction with electronics, firmware and clinical engineers.
  • Handling production of prototypes/products in collaboration with external manufacturers.
  • Close cooperation with colleagues from a different field (Embedded Software, Mechanics, Physics, Medical, Project Management, etc.).


Typical work activities

In Novioscan you will work in a multi-disciplinary project team, which include engineers from other specialist areas such as electronic designers, software engineers, physicist, medical technicians, marketing and sales staff, manufacturers. You are involved in every stage of design and development.

The range of activities is likely to include:

  • Analyzing customer requirements.
  • Designing architecture for systems and products.
  • Researching suitable solutions and estimating costs and timescales.
  • Liaising with others in the design team.
  • Designing, making and conducting tests.
  • Recording, analyzing and interpreting test data.
  • Proposing modifications and retesting products.
  • Qualifying the final product or system.
  • Preparing product documentation, writing reports and giving presentations.
  • Monitoring a product in use to improve on future design.


Required Competences

  • Education in Physics, Mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent.
  • Experience with ultrasound transducer design and making.
  • Experience with measurement software and data analysis.
  • Experience with Lab equipment (hydrophone, oscilloscope, power supply, multimeter, etc.).
  • Experience with one or more programming languages is an advantage.
  • Affinity with physics and applications of medical ultrasound is an advantage.
  • Affinity with wearable technology or healthcare industry is an advantage.
  • Team player, being able to communicate in English.


What we offer:

We offer you a friendly, motivated and dynamic environment, a competitive salary and room for personal development. You will have your base in Nijmegen.

If you are interested in this vacancy, please send your resume to:

Reinout Woltjer, CTO ( )

Geert Claassen, BioMedical-/Development Engineer (