The SENS-U Bladder Sensor supports school-age children who are dealing with bladder problems. The SENS-U is a comfortable wearable that is small, simple, wireless and with a discrete notification. The wearable sensor offers easy personalized insight to recognize and act upon a full bladder.

For who?

The SENS-U KIDS is intended for children between age 6 and 12 who are under treatment by a medical professional. Children who are late with toilet training learn to go to the toilet when the bladder is full.

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Receive a notification of a full bladder on the smartphone or by a vibration in the SENS-U on the abdomen.
Wear the SENS-U all day with an adhesive patch on the abdomen.
Set a full bladder notification for each individual person based on maximum bladder capacity.
Find the correct position for the SENS-U on the abdomen to monitor the bladder.