About Novioscan

Novioscan was created from the ambition to offer children more carefree lives. We’re doing this with a revolutionary solution that teaches children when to sense that they need to pee. Because incontinence can be a cause of major distress for children. We’ve developed wearable ultrasound sensors using the latest technologies.

Every day we do our best to make life easier and more enjoyable for people with care needs. Since April 2020, we’ve been doing this under the wing of our parent company Essity, a Swedish international firm that’s leading the way in hygiene and healthcare products. Together, we’re making the difference.

Novio Tech Campus (NTC) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands

About Novioscan

Novioscan is founded in 2014 and holds its office at the NovioTech Campus in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The development of wearable ultrasound devices was a result of technical innovation combined with the clinical need to help children who do not sense their bladder. After 4 years of development Novioscan launched the SENS-U KIDS in 2018 and made it available for the treatment of children in the age of 6-12 years.

Visual target audience


People are very aware of their own health in our modern society. Remote care is going to play an increasingly important role in unburdening care professionals, and especially also giving patients more control over their own situations. Novioscan® is happy to contribute to these developments and is taking the next step in medical devices that patients can use for themselves.

The development of smart ultrasound sensors means we can offer wearable, user-friendly solutions. So we’re making life a bit more comfortable, and bringing the remote care of the future a step closer.


Ultrasound has been used to measure and monitor the human body for over fifty years already. It has been proven that applications that use this technology are safe and useful. Until recently, ultrasound was only used in medical institutions. But this technology can be deployed much more widely.

Devices that patients can use themselves offer more control over their own situation, and so increase their freedom of movement. Anyone whose life can be made better by technology that improves their health should be able to enjoy the benefits of
Novioscan ultrasound applications.

ISO certification

Novioscan is ISO13485:2016 certified. This certificate shows that we, as a manufacturer of medical devices, design high-quality, user-focused, and safe medical devices. The SENS-U® itself is also CE-certified as a medical device.

Our partners

Specialist physicians, nurses, and carers regularly work with children who are suffering with bladder incontinence. These professionals hear first-hand about medical and social problems that children encounter day-to-day and need to overcome.

They share their experiences and we share our findings, so that we can continue improving our products. We’re very proud of our collaborations with children’s hospitals and specialist polyclinics.