Discover how the SENS-U works

The SENS-U is compact, wireless, and wearable. You use a specially developed plaster to stick the device on the lower abdomen. The sensor uses ultrasound to detect how full your bladder is, and warns you when it’s time to go to the toilet by gently vibrating or sending a notification to your phone. So no one else sees or hears anything.


See how the SENS-U works

The SENS-U has been successfully used in children and has been enthusiastically received by both users and medical specialists. It’s Novioscan’s ambition to improve the life of everyone who is struggling with incontinence and to constantly refine its products based on direct feedback from users.


You can use the app to fully personalize your SENS-U settings. Choose your maximum setting for a full bladder, for example, and set how strongly the sensor vibrates. The app communicates the settings to the sensor via Bluetooth. So you don’t need a WiFi connection or the internet.

The SENS-U uses your settings to remind you when you need to go to the toilet, with both a gentle vibration on your lower abdomen and via the app. So the sensor can be worn day and night.

The SENS-U reminds you to go to the toilet

The app automatically keeps a record of your visits to the toilet. The urination diary shows you what time you went, and whether a notification was needed or not.


The SENS-U app is suitable for Android 4.0 and iOS 13.2 or later.
Download the app in the Google Play store or App Store.