The SENS-U bladder sensor is a device for children aged 6 to 16 who have difficulty sensing when their bladder is full. The wearable device uses ultrasound technology and has been developed in collaboration with University Medical Center Utrecht.

SENS-U sends timely reminders to help the wearer better recognize the sensation in their bladder. So that, over time, wet accidents can become a thing of the past.

SENS-U Sensor
SENS-U 2.0


The SENS-U Bladder Sensor is our first major breakthrough in wearable ultrasound aids. The SENS-U helps children aged 6 to 16 who have difficulty recognizing when their bladder is full.


Dutch innovation

Developed and produced in the Netherlands, the SENS-U® is being used successfully by children. Wearers and medical specialists alike are very enthusiastic about the results. We’re constantly improving our products by incorporating direct feedback from users and medical professionals, because it’s our ambition to improve the lives of people with bladder incontinence.

Effective and discreet

The SENS-U 2.0 is a compact, wireless device that is stuck to the lower abdomen using a specially developed plaster. When it’s time to go to the toilet, the sensor gently vibrates on the lower abdomen or sends a notification to the smartphone app – so only the user receives a discreet warning, without anyone else realizing.


Benefits at a glance

Wireless wearable ultrasound sensor
Wireless, wearable ultrasound sensor

You can wear the SENS-U day and night. You simply use a double-sided plaster to stick the sensor on your lower abdomen. The SENS-U connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Position control
Help to check the correct position

The SENS-U app helps to identify the right position on the lower abdomen, so the sensor can correctly detect how full your bladder is. A green screen indicates that the sensor is located right next to the bladder.

Personalized notification
Personal notification settings

You can set the level for how full the bladder can reach before the SENS-U sends you a notification. You can also decide how strong you want the vibrations to be. So the sensor is always set to your personal preferences.

Discreet notification
Discreet and only for you

The SENS-U vibrates on your lower abdomen at a strength you set for yourself, or sends a message to the app on your smartphone, to warn you of a full bladder. So no one notices anything except you

Independent notification
Also works without the app

Even when the SENS-U is not connected to your smartphone, you still receive reminders for when to go to the toilet. So you don’t need to worry if you don’t have your phone to hand.

Voiding Diary
Urination diary provides insight

The SENS-U includes an app for keeping track of when you last went to the toilet, and tells you whether and how you received a notification. So the urination diary can also keep a record of when you made it on time.

See how it works

What do users say?

He only had to catheterize 4 x per day with the sensor, as opposed to 5 x per day without a sensor. In addition, no wet pants during the 3 weeks using the SENS-U!

Parents of boy

(11, neurogenic bladder)
She was proud to realize that she was already on her way to the toilet before the SENS-U reminded her.

Parents of girl

(10, continence training)

SENS-U 2.0​


The SENS-U app is suitable for Android 4.0 and iOS 13.2 or later.
Download the app in the Google Play store or App Store.