Live carefree with no wet accidents

Incontinence in schoolchildren can be a cause of major distress. Not having sufficient control over the bladder is an emotional problem as well as physical one.

Novioscan has therefore developed the SENS-U. This compact, wireless, wearable sensor detects how full the bladder is and lets the user know when it’s time to go to the toilet. This reduces the risk of any accidents, and means children can carry on playing carefree.



Novioscan Bladder sensor

The SENS-U Bladder Sensor is our first major breakthrough in wearable ultrasound aids. The SENS-U helps children aged 6 to 16 who have difficulty recognizing when their bladder is full.

SENS-U 2.0

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The wireless bladder sensor uses ultrasound to detect how full the bladder is. When it’s time to go to the toilet,
this compact device sends a message that only the SENS-U wearer can feel or see on their phone.

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Webinar introduction SENS-U 2.0

16 November 2021

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